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The Skinny On The Weight Loss Fad Diet

Weight loss fad diets are everywhere! They’re in our magazines, on the television, on in internet and sometimes even on your radio.

A typical weight loss fad diet is often promoted by any or all of the above and others even add to the programs with their own self-made supplements and food ala’ Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss and more.

What you need to watch out for is that some of these weight loss fad diets don’t have even the faintest medical or scientific backing.

Read on for some tips on weight loss fad diets.


Many experts that have tested and reviewed weight loss fad diet varieties often report that these diets can be unhealthy. Since they are termed -fad-, chances are, they are only good for a certain period of time and the limitations can lead people to binge eat when they’ve had enough.

Also if a person jumps from one weight loss fad diet to another it can be unhealthy the body as you may face nutrition deficiencies and general stress from the yo-yo dieting.

The Categories

There are 3 categories where a weight loss fad diet can be identified. These categories determine what kind of dieting is being promoted:

1. Certain foods are omitted from your diet

2. There is an emphasis on eating one very specific area of food

3. The benefits of certain foods and food groups are purported and exaggerated for curing particular diseases

Extreme diets

A weight loss fad diet can be dangerous to your health and overall can prove to be a highly ineffective means of losing weight especially long term.

Fad diets can leave you feeling lethargic, with vitamin/mineral deficiencies and going mad with cravings!


A huge number of weight loss fad diets cannot be supported by scientific studies or research. In other words, these diets claim to have fantastic results and scientific proof but they never follow the standard methods for proving their effectiveness and validity.

Some people from scientific and medical communities often remark that fad diets are a result of the lack of knowledge on dietary and nutritional facts paired with the desperation of wanting to lose weight.

According to them, there is a lack of evidence on weight loss due to calorie restriction. Furthermore, there is a lack of evidence supporting the claims that fad diets can help achieve and maintain sustainable weight loss. Also, they point out that these diets ignore the necessary associations between human health and dietary and nutritional patterns.

Examples of fad diets

There are thousands around but here’s a list of some of the most notorious:

* The Cabbage Soup Diet
* The Hollywood Diet
* Atkins Diet
* LA Weight Loss
* Cybergenics
* Master Cleanse
And the list goes on . . .

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