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Quick Diet to Lose Weight part 3

Avoid These Foods

 The following is a list of foods you should eliminate or restrict to reach your desired weight. This truth is, these foods should be avoided or limited to maintain weight loss.

 Frozen foods

 Avoid all  single serving  frozen foods.  They are packed with salt.  Salt will  cause you  retain water and  hamper your  weight loss.  Besides  they have very small serving sizes, which will leave you feeling famished in a very short period of time.

Fast foods

 Fast foods are high in sodium, full of chemical preservatives, and, greasy, typically fried in trans fat, which means the resulting food is decidedly unhealthy. Additionally fast food is often high in refined carbohydrates and may result in an insulin spike, and, you will soon begin craving more of the high calorie, high carb, high fat, foods.

Make fast food the first item you scratch from your food list. When I say eliminate fast food, this includes the “healthy” fast foods too. Many fast food items are masquerading as “healthy foods.” Certainly they are not. In order for fast food outlets to offer salads, they need be to purchase the ingredients so that they can be warehoused and marketed across the entire country. This necessitates high levels of preservatives, and loss of nutrients.  Those “healthy low calorie salads” frequently contain more calories than some of the sandwiches, particularly when you consider the dressing that is normally high in sugar and fat.

The second thing that you should do is give up eating out if you are going to lose weight Forget the sausage egg and cheese biscuit that you get in the morning along with the 450 calorie concoction with the caramel or chocolate and whipped cream. Find a low fat, low carb, way to kick-start your day. Try cottage cheese and strawberries, or hard-boiled eggs with a couple of pieces of bacon. Bring your lunch from home for a couple of weeks, and you will begin to see your weight go down.


Candy, Cake, Cookies, And All sweets

 Keep away from sugar if you want to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Sugar is certainly one of the primary reason individuals put on weight. A lot of us have a sweet tooth and can’t seem to stop ourselves from gratifying the desire to indulge in sweets.

 Sweets do not supply any nutritional benefit at all. They do little if anything to benefit your body and are deemed as empty calories. If you continue to consume sugary treats, they will eventually begin to manifest, as fat on your body. Some weight loss plans encourage you to steer clear all foods that consist of simple or refined carbohydrates, for example, bread. However, bread has nutritional value and at least is filling, sweets deliver nothing but, excess pounds.

 Products Labeled Diet or Low Fat

 So many people think that they can eat supposed “diet” foods when they are on a diet. The markets are stocked with “low fat” and “diet” foods but, these are typically brimming with extra sugar, and chemicals, and are, in fact, no lower in total calories or more beneficial for you than conventional foods.

There are several well-known brands of cookies that are “low fat”. Most people, do not grasp the concept that they may actually consume more calories, by eating the “diet” or “low fat” cookies, simply because they feel free to consume larger quantities of these foods since they are “diet” foods. Foods that are sweet and labeled ” diet” food, contain a sugar substitute that is more damaging to your health than actual sugar.

 Individuals often overindulge in the “diet’ or “low fat” snacks and foods believing they are getting away with something. Even if, you could exchange your regular foods with “diet” or “low fat” food items you should be alert to the chemicals contained in these foods, and, the reality is they are not much lower in calories. If you are craving, a snack have only a tiny serving of the low fat variety, but do not think that just because they are low fat, you can consume the whole package.

Fried Foods

 Fried foods are satisfying and yummy. However, foods that are fried are high in fat, generally saturated fat. Even though the majority of restaurants are eliminating trans fats in their foods. Fried foods are high in calories and fat and are not beneficial for any diet. Avoid anything fried. Eat foods that are baked, steamed or broiled If you seriously want to lose weight.

 More and more individuals eat fried foods due to the fact they are economical and satisfying. However, fried foods are one of the biggest reasons individuals gain weight to begin with. Fried foods do not offer you the nutritional benefit that you require for your body and what value they do have is reduced by the simple truth that they are fried. When you prepare meat, and vegetables try grilling them, use a George Foreman Grill. If you need to use oils so food won’t stick, use Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Because you want to lose weight, be aware of what you drink as well as what you eat, sugarless tea, water, and, sugarless coffee have no calories. Drink only 0-calorie soft drinks.

 Alcoholic beverages contain carbohydrates and many unnecessary calories. Some types contain more calories than others do. Cocktails and mixed drinks usually contain a large number of carbohydrates not to mention calories. White wine and beer and loaded with calories. Very dry, red wine contains the least number of carbohydrates of the wines.

 Substitute, Substitute, Substitute

 It is difficult to find an alternative for fat. Try to eliminate fat or at least limit it, steer clear of food containing trans fat (hydrogenated vegetable oil) is also a trans fat or saturated fat. Trans fat is found primarily in processed and fast foods. Always read the labels prior to purchasing any processed foods. If you encounter a product that seems oily or has a long shelf life, it is advisable to check the label for any trans fat utilized in the manufacturing process. Saturated fat is found primarily in animal products. For this reason, eat less meat and dairy. If you are not able to forgo dairy products, try the non-fat or low-fat type such as low-fat plain yogurt. About meat, eat only the lean cuts because these cuts have the least fat content.

 Fats The Good the bad And the Ugly

 There are three primary groups of fat. They are unsaturated, saturated, and trans fats. Unsaturated fats are obtained primarily from plant sources such as nuts and olives and contain no cholesterol. They are liquid at ambient temperature. Unsaturated fats are broken down even further in monounsaturated (one double bond) and polyunsaturated (more than one double bond). Saturated fats are derive primarily from animal sources like meat and dairy. At ambient temperature, saturated fats are solid.

 Trans fat is a man made fat. It is produced by taking an unsaturated fat and adding hydrogen in a process called hydrogenation. Trans fat is hugely detrimental for your health. Saturated fat will increase LDL (bad) cholesterol and increases HDL (good) cholesterol, trans fat will increase LDL cholesterol and decreases HDL cholesterol. When cooking, you can use the oil listed below:

Flax seed oil

Corn oil

Safflower oil Non-hydrogenated soft margarine

Peanut oil

Olive oil

Sunflower oil

Canola oil

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