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Quick and simple Weight Reduction Tips!

Do you ever fantasize about finding the perfect pain-free method of simply melting those awful fat cells from your hips and thighs? I do, and I know that I am not alone. For most people the mere thought of dieting, brings to mind deprivation, hunger pangs and frustration. They immediately begin to envision month after month of grazing on rabbit food. Celery sticks, and sprouts of every sort. Feeling deprived of every food they crave and enjoy the most in daily life.
Just the thought suffering through the Whole process of dieting is daunting. It is hard to be cheerful, stay upbeat, and enjoy getting slim and healthy if all you can think about is what you are giving up.

Better not to think about what you are missing and instead  fantize about slinking around in that size 8 dress hanging in your closet; the one you bought last summer and said you would diet into. Yes, of course I also have a full collection of ‘someday dresses’ myself.
I keep mine as a reminder of where I once thought I wanted to be. I wanted to be ultra thin. Because of this unrealistic goal, I have probably lost and regained tons of weight. Today I am a happy size 12, I am 5′ 7” and at my age, 66 I think a size 12 is good for me as it is easy to stay where I am, and I look pretty good at this weight.

It should be obvious that I have spent a considerable part of my adult life dreading the next diet and feeling depressed about starving and endless amounts of sweating and working out. But with this approach to diet and losing weight it is a wonder that people even attempt weight loss at all.

Attempting to lose weight when you approach weight loss with these attitudes is boring, painful and requires you to exercise a lot of will power for months on end. You don’t need to put forth such a heroic effort the good thing is that you can potentially shed those unwanted pounds quickly, easily and painlessly by just making few simple changes to your lifestyle that can help you get the weight off, and keep it off for good.

Think it over. Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of weight without trying too hard? All you need to do is make a few small changes here and there in the way you chose and prepare foods. These small changes will add up to losing weight gradually and naturally.
The following tips do not require you to deny yourself or participate in grueling workouts. Rather you will learn simple tips to reach your desired weight in the quickest and most pain-free manner. So are you ready to get started? Here are the some of best tips that I have learned and applied that will truly let you attain the body you have dreamed about quickly.

Chose low Calorie versions of Your Favorite Foods
Most individuals are destined to fail at strict diets before they have even begun. Do you understand why? It’s because they believe they have to cut down on all their favorite foods when these are not included on a diet, and they use their will power to do that. However, will power will only take you so far. In the end, your imagination will usually triumph over any will power you may have.
And here I am going to digress to quote someone I greatly admire. Gil Boyne, frequently taught classes at the school I attended for hypnosis certification. Gill Boyne was the founder of The American Council Of Hypnotist Examiners.

Gil Boyne’s Rules of the Mind.
Rule #1 Imagination is more powerful than knowledge when dealing with your mind or the mind of another. This is especially important in the self- help arena. Reason is easily over-ruled by imagination
Rule #4 What is expected tends to be realized. The brain and nervous system respond to mental images. It does not matter if the image is self-induced or from the external world, the vividly imagined mental image becomes the blueprint and the subconscious mind uses every means at its disposal to carry out the plan.
If you keep dreaming about that New York cheese cake with the cherries on top or your favorite triple bacon cheese burger, sooner or later you will give into the urgings of your imagination. When you do, you will feel guilty about slipping up, and immediately after you will begin the downward spiral into the land of ‘no more diet’. Rather than torturing yourself by denying your favorite foods, I advise you to find low calorie versions of them. Eat the foods you love, but substitute low-calorie recipes wherever possible.
Top pizza with low-fat cheese, choose grilled chicken and not fried chicken, try unsweetened fruit, diet soda, whole-grain bread, low-fat ice cream, and low-fat mayonnaise, etc. Selecting healthier versions of your favorite foods is easy to do and does not leave you feeling deprived.

Try new foods
Rather than contemplating the meals you need to cut down on, think about foods that you possibly can| add to your diet. I’m sure there are many of unfamiliar exciting foods available to you that you would enjoy trying out. Tamarillos, arracacha, fiddleheads, purple broccoli, etc. are some vegetables that come to mind. There are a lot of exotic fruit you can sample too for example, mangosteens lychees, rambutans, passion fruit, star fruits, durian, jackfruit and more.Think about this as an exciting time that you get to try new fruits and vegetables and add to your variety of favorite foods. You can use these new foods to make stews, sauces, and purees, out of the new vegetables and add the fruits you like to your breakfast, lunch and dinner and menus. You can find yourself naturally cutting down on high fat high sugar food and eating these new healthy delicious foods more often.

Get Busy
You know it is no coincidence that you feel like gobbling down an entire bag of chips or munching popcorn while watching TV. It is very easy to head to the kitchen to grab some food when you are bored or are at a loss for something to do. Take a break from TV and get busy doing things you are interested in. Get out of the house, take classes. Learn new things, start a hobby. Or volunteer, just get going and find something to stimulate your mind and body.

Don’t let your weight loss goals become be your major focus, |you need to have a life away from it. This can help you to stay emotionally and mentally balanced, and will also get rid you of unhealthy habits in an indirect way. By spending less time in front of the TV, you will also find yourself snacking less. You will not just feel good about doing something new productive, but you will also by default be cutting down on your consumption of high carb, high fat food. Now, isn’t that exciting?

Split those huge orders of food with a friend or your spouse.
By now almost everyone is aware of the huge size of some food orders, be aware of how fast food establishments promote larger portions. Only to increase sales and make more profit. Unfortunately, most of that excess food lands directly on your hips, thighs and  waist line. So how are you able to cease eating massive quantities of calories when eating out?
When you confronted with more food than you know you should eat, split the order. Go ahead and order the hamburger  but share that enormous order of fries, onion rings or that huge dessert with someone else. If you find a friend or partner that is interested in diet and fitness, you can potentially share other stuff in addition to your meals. Split the price of a bicycle built for two and go cycling together, or hire a private trainer who help design personalized exercises to suit the body types. Many gyms these days offer 2 for 1 membership deals that you can take advantage of. It is a lot more fun and easier to set goals and stay motivated with somebody who shares your fitness goals.

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