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Liver Detox vs. Colon Detox

Liver detox vs. colon detox – which is better? If you could only choose between two detoxes, the liver detox and the colon detox, which detox diet would you choose and why? Given that there are many detox diets out there, why am I talking about these two detoxes?
Because the liver detox and the colon detox are very popular, and misunderstood. The common perception out there is that we need to detox our liver and our colon from time to time to help these organs get rid of harmful toxins.
But research shows that these detoxes are useless and potentially dangerous. In short, the liver detox vs. colon detox showdown is a pointless exercise because your liver and colon do not need any help. If you are healthy, they work perfectly fine on their own. If you have some health problems and suspect that your liver or colon do not function properly, the prudent thing to do in this situation is to go to a doctor as soon as possible.
If the tests show that something is not normal, your doctor will tell you what to do, but I would not try to heal myself with unproven supplements or questionable procedures. They can only make things worse.
What you can and should do, however, is to make sure that you follow a healthy diet, and that your weight is under control. Do that and do not worry about helping your colon and liver get rid of toxins.

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