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Eat And Get Thin Part 2

Eat And Get Thin      Part  2

 Keep No Secrets From your Food journal    
Document your meals, record every bite of food that goes into your mouth be it healthy or junk food. Additionally record times you eat. because after you have eaten your last meal of the day, you check back and count calories. You will also be able to see when you felt the most hunger and how your system is adapting. You may find you can not refrain from snacking between meals during the first few weeks of the diet, but, in the future, the snacking will diminish. This indicates you are progressing and your body is adjusting to the weight loss program.
 Looking Back
 In the event that you check back to your food journal in few months, you will see how your food choices have evolved. This is a sure sigh that you are bettering your eating habits. You will discover what you thought to be unachievable in the past feels so easy and natural now. An additional motive is to reinforce your self-control. You certainly would be ready to take complete control of your eat habits.
 Battling the Urges
You may sometimes be hungry between meals. Some weight loss programs would tell you not to yield to the urge, but, I say if you are truly hungry have a little snack. When I say snack I do not mean an entire bag of cookies or a gargantuan slice of chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream.

A Snack would be some celery or carrot sticks or maybe some cottage cheese and tomatoes. In other words, keep the snack low calorie. Hunger may  be an indication that you are dehydrated drink a glass of water and wait 15 minuets. If you are still hungry after 15, minuets go ahead and eat something containing fiber, which is why I suggested vegetables or a small salad. These types of food will help you hold out until the next meal. Foods such as apples or celery are also suggested.
Temptation will always be with you. If you were unable to resist the last urge, do not worry there will be another eventually, and you will be strong and not give in to the urge. There are ways you can protect yourself from the urge to devourer that banana cream pie. Like I said before have some fruit or a serving of salad and some water first.
 The Rules of the Game
If you need to adhere to a weight loss plan, self-discipline is certainly one of the key elements. Losing weight by employing sound diet practices may take months or even years for you to reach your desired weight. There are individuals who are hundreds of pounds overweight; these individuals should be under the care of their physician before endeavoring to lose weight.
Radical weight loss programs market rapid outcomes. These programs can result in yo-yo dieting. Yo-yo dieting is descriptive of an individual who will follow a diet until they lose weight, but gradually they return to the old habits that caused them to be overweight in the first place. Because they never bothered to change their food preferences and portion size, they quickly gain all of the weight back again.
 Yo-yo dieting is usually the result of following an extreme weight loss plan, and severely limiting food intake and maybe even forbidding entire categories foods. These individuals cannot endure the privation of these strict diets and will give up their effort to achieve their weight loss goals. Once off the diet they will eat even more than before. Sometimes it is the absence of self- discipline after achieving the desired loss of weight. This is typically the consequence of making use of a radical diet.
 To protect against this, individuals on a diet are encouraged to take the time required for your weight loss. Because it will take, time to realize a sizable loss of weight. It is difficult to change life long habits. This is why you need willpower, self- discipline, and, determination to change established habits
 Eating at regular intervals is vital to reaching and maintaining your ideal weight. Obviously, we only require three meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The between meal snacks are an option. When you are on a weight loss plan, you may need to teach your system to adapt to food at a certain time each day. The reason for this is to stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep your metabolism up.
 Divide the calorie allotment for each meal by 2, half of calories will be consumed as breakfast the second half as a mid morning snack. Then lunch, half of the calories for lunch, half for the afternoon snack and the same for dinner. You will have smaller serving for breakfast, lunch and dinner but will enjoy a healthy snack between each meal. This will allow your body to utilize the calories you consume. By dividing your calorie allotment and eating smaller meals more frequently, you will not have to be concerned about overeating.
Eat small frequent meals throughout the day. If you eat a small meal of 150- 200 calories every 4-6 hours, your body will steadily be burning calories so your metabolism will remain high throughout the day. Using this method, you will consume more calories on a daily basis as opposed to eating 3 large meals per day. This is especially true if you eat a diet rich in fiber.
When you get thirsty during the course of a meal or at any time satisfy your thirst, sometimes thirst will be misinterpreted as hunger by the brain. Additionally broth-based soups are especially healthy for you; you can add some shredded vegetables to the broth. Soups are reasonably low on calories, and help to fill your stomach. Do not drink any carbohydrate drinks such as sodas unless they are 0 calorie. Try drinks like lemon tea or ordinary water. A little caffeine will assist to increase your metabolism and utilize even more calories however, too much of it may cause you to be jittery.
Modifying behavior is difficult at the start. You need to follow a weight loss plan faithfully during the first month. This will be of immense benefit to you, it is at the beginning of your weight loss program that your willpower will be its strongest, so it is wise to make the most of it.

Your body will soon adjust to the healthy changes. When you get half way through your weight loss plan, and your weight loss has momentarily stalled, your willpower will surely be put to the test. However, your new habits and new behaviors will kick in, and you will triumph over temptation because you will have adapted to your new diet.
 When you begin a diet, you do not have to limit yourself to one diet plan. You are able to modify the diet plan at any time. You may have reason to change it, may be it is not effective for you or perhaps you can not commit to it’s totally. There will be some consequences when you change your diet plan.
First of all you have to recognize the truth concerning yourself. Many individuals will adhere to a diet right up until they gaze at their scale and see that “magic number” displayed on the scale. Once they have reached their ideal weight they resume the exact lifestyle that resulted in their over weight condition. Are you one of these individuals? Would you be aware of your clothing as it begins to get tight? Or would you be in denial until you have to wear your old clothing? When that takes place, would you overlook it or recognize the fact that your problem is back again?
Secondly, how will you implement your diet plan? Will you be traveling, if so where will you eat? Will you pack a lunch to eat at work or will you hit the closest fast food joint? If so does, that fast food establishment have salads or other healthy items on the menu?
 Part 3 to follow

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