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Can You Spare 10 Minutes for Exercise?

Today I’m talking about exercise – don’t sigh yet it gets better trust me!!!

We DO need to exercise if we want to be healthy, lose weight and gain fitness – there’s no way around it. BUT it doesn’t have to be the worse part of your day nor the most time consuming. . .
We all lead very busy lives with our careers, social engagements, family committments and the list goes on and on. Its hard enough to find time to wash your HAIR some days let alone fit in an hour long work out.

So wanna know how you can take just 10 minutes to exercise your way to a thinner, healthier you!
10 minutes of intense exercise a couple of times a day can give you a huge boost both with your overall fitness and weight loss.

You just need to play it SMART! Spend your 10 minute sessions testing yourself to the limit. Try some of the below exercises for your hard core time-saving exercise session!

10 Minute Exercise Examples

10 minute sprints

10 minutes running across the sand at the beach

10 minutes alternating between squats and walking lunges

10 minute high speed cycling

10 minutes running up the stairs

10 minutes with a skipping rope

10 minutes running up a hill at your local beach

10 minutes on the treadmill with an incline and jog speed

10 minutes on the ellipitical at the gym with the resistance on high

10 minutes alternating between tummy crunches and push ups

10 minutes jumping jacks (star jumps)

You should alternate between doing 2 to 3 sessions a day for example:

Monday: 2 x 10 minute sessions

Tuesday: 3 x 10 minute sessions

Wednesday: 3 x 10 minute sessions

Thursday: 2 x 10 minute sessions

Friday: 3 x 10 minute sessions

Saturday: 2 x 10 minute sessions

Sunday: Rest Day

Now come on guys EVERYONE can spare 10 minutes.

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