Liquid Detox Diet

Is it a good idea to try a liquid detox diet? Can you go on a permanent liquid detox diet? Can a liquid detox diet help you lose weight? Liquid detox diets seem to be gaining in popularity lately, because people are discovering that they can lose a lot of weight on a typical liquid detox diet. So what are the pros and cons of a typical liquid detox diet?
Just to get something out of the way first, I can tell you right now that nutritionally speaking a liquid detox diet is not the best detox diet, far from it. If you follow a strict liquid detox diet, I cannot think of any pros simply because there are not any. In fact, a strict liquid detox diet that lasts more than a day is very dangerous. Why? Because it does not supply your body with any nutrients.
That having been said, a modified liquid detox diet does have some health benefits, and it can probably help you lose a few pounds. How does it work? It works by replacing certain foods in your normal detox diet with vegetable juices. If you choose the right juices and use fresh ingredients to prepare them, you can give your body a pretty good amount vitamins and minerals that would be hard to obtain from eating regular veggies.
But you need to be careful. If you are not used to drinking vegetables juices, take small steps. Some vegetables juices can lower your blood pressure and can cause diarrhea. They can also easily overload your body with a highly concentrated cocktail of mineral and vitamins, which is not a good thing because it can lead to skin rashes and other side effects.

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