How to Start a Detox Diet

Before we can talk about how to start a detox diet, we need to ask this question. What is the first step that you need to take before starting any diet? The first step – and arguably the most important one – has to do with setting a goal and sticking with this goal for the duration of your diet.
Since there are many ways to do a detox diet, the second step is to research all the different possibilities and see which detox diet best fits your lifestyle.
These days there are many outside influences that contribute to the contamination of our bodies that are out of our control. There is pollution in the air, pesticides on fresh foods, and additives in the processed foods. It is our job to make sure that those toxins do not build up and remain in our system causing our internal organs to pay the ultimate price.
How to start a detox diet The healthiest whole-body cleanse you can do is to change your old eating habits. I am not talking about major changes, however, I am talking about simple things such as drinking more water, cutting back on caffeine, eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (preferably organic or home-grown), eating whole grains, and nuts.
Time is valuable for most people, so do not overdo it, as that can cause unwanted stress. Take baby-steps with your new eating lifestyle. Start out with little changes, and gradually keep adding healthier and healthier foods to your menu. If money is tight, do not pressure yourself to purchase organic foods, but do try to eat the freshest foods available in your local stores.
Educate yourself on the healthiest ways to cook your vegetables so they retain the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals. You should treat your body like a temple, which means consuming healthy foods that contain a wide range of nutrients. Oh, and do not forget to exercise.

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