Cabbage Liver Detox

Can cabbage detox your liver? Some say that cabbage contains several nutrients with special powers to detox your liver from various toxins, but is it in fact the case? Cabbage is good for you – something like The Cabbage Soup Diet, however, is a known diet fad. The Cabbage Soup Diet is not marketed as a liver detox aid, so it should not be confused with legitimate detox diets.

Still, some people seem to think that The Cabbage Detox Diet works great for a liver detox. The things is, while it is a good idea to eat cabbage regularly, there is no evidence to support a claim that it can detox your liver. Oh, and stay away from The Cabbage Detox Diet. It cannot help you lose weight. Contrary to its claims, it can actually increase your chances of gaining weight, not losing weight. Why? Because it is a starvation diet.

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