Best Juice Detox Diet

Does the best juice detox diet exist? Is there such a thing as the best juice detox diet? There is no shortage of diet gurus and even certified nutritionists who claim that the best juice detox diet is pretty much any juice detox that you can follow for at least one week, but is it true?
Different forms of detox diets present different challenges, but finding the best juice detox diet is more than challenging, it is impossible to do. Why is that? Because the best juice detox diet does not exist in an objective reality. It is like trying to find the best cigarette. They are all bad for you.
Okay, maybe this was a bit too harsh. Juice detoxes are not as bad as smoking cigarettes, but they are dangerous and can produce very unpleasant side effects. The reason for this is simple: They are too low in calories and too high in sugar. Sure, you will lose weight on a typical juice detox diet, but you will not be able to maintain weight loss because as soon as you go back to your regular diet (and your usual calorie consumption), you will quickly gain back the weight you have lost.
In addition, juice detoxes do not supply your body with a sufficient amount of nutrients. A fruit juice, for example, is essentially consists of concentrated sugar and very little of anything else. In short, if you want to clear out your system, instead of drinking juices, follow a balanced diet that contains a lot of fruits and vegetables.

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